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Dave's Fun Algebra Remastered News for the 25th of February, 2024

Moldy has recently posted about DFACR, and I want to include these ocasions because theyre the ones that could give more info in my opinion!

DFAC Remastered is almost done… I have one more surprise I’m working on. I would guess a release in March or April, most likely April if I’m not working often

— MoldyGangstaHero (@moldy_gh) February 23, 2024

As stated by Moldy, the steam release and next update will probably be on March or April, and there seems to be a surprise coming alongside!

It has also been stated that it will be basically a better version of 0.6 and will remove the Mines, so it's unclear if it will be version 1.0!

It’s basically 0.6 but better and without the mines

— MoldyGangstaHero (@moldy_gh) February 23, 2024
That's all for today, i guess! Also, i want to state this newspaper thingy to every Friday from now on. Hope i can stick to it! Goodbye!

Dve's Fun Algebra Class Remastered News for the 23rd of March 2024

First of all i dont think imma do the Friday thing so yeah now onto the newz

Moldy has confirmed DFA:R will be free when it comes out on Steam, and that it's not far from coming!

Not sure if I’ve said this before, but DFAC will be free on Steam when it releases (which isn’t far)

— Moldy Games (@moldygames99) March 22, 2024

He also said that (apparently) a video of a buff Dave is now an actual leak of the game. We'll probably see what this means when it releases

And kinda unrelated, but for people wanting to mod the game, it now has its own gamebanana page! Maybe make or try some mods to kill the time while the full game releases! Goodbye!